Liars of Local Interest - 14 Places

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Slightly remastered tracks:
Liars - 01 - Soon
Liars - 02 - Fair
Liars - 03 - California
Liars - 04 - Picket Fence
Liars - 05 - Don't Ask
Liars - 06 - 14 Places
Liars - 07 - The Best Day of My Year
Liars - 08 - Devils
Liars - 09 - That Same Road
Liars - 10 - Idlewild
Liars - 11 - Keep What You Can
Liars - 12 - Threes
Liars - 13 - Hard Part
Liars - 14 - Yours

Entire album (remastered - zip file) - MP3
Entire album (remastered - zip file) - FLAC

Entire album (original - zip file) MP3

Artwork for the album (zip file)

An article about Liars of Local Interest, from the K-State Collegian.

Notes on the "remastered" version, and other thoughts:

The original was just a little bit "harshly" mastered, in my opinion. It also has several "peaks" which result in "flattening" the waveforms in many places. Overall, it was mixed well, but the final process created very "clipped" and peaked out files. Certain passages sometimes strike me as "harsh" to the ears, even though I still very much enjoy the music.

There was not much that could be done to "undo" the final versions of these songs. What was done, was solely an attempt to make the album a little less "harsh."

The first step in the process was to restore as much dynamic range as possible to the original waveforms. After that, a multi-step process of removing many peaks was done. Finally, after the audio was as "clean" as I could get it, a slight re-equalization was applied to reduce the highs as well as an attempt to balance the lower midrange. After all changes were made, a final "mastering" was then performed, to smooth everything out, and to liven it back up.

You may or may not notice any difference. You may or may not enjoy the changes that were made. Again, this was done solely for my own listening, but I've decided to share this rendition. The original album (in mp3 format) is available for download here.

Here's a quick screenshot of the differences in the song "Fair." The original is on the left, and the "remaster" is on the right:

Remaster differences - original on left


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