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Link to Corkscrew Boar's "Greatest Hits" album:
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Photography by Amber
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Other Music, in no particular order

Delicious Friction

Los Habaneros - Surf rock band with some of the Corkscrew Boar folks.
The "most landlocked" surf band in existence
The only traditional instrumental surf rock band in KS, possibly to ever have existed. Ever.

Talos IV - 2011

24th Century Reverb - First EP circa 2008-2009 (zipped MP3s).

Los.Habaneros-9.19.2013-practice-06-Romulan Victory (v2)
Los.Habaneros-9.19.2013-practice-04-Midnight Cowboy

All "Los Habaneros" songs written, recorded, produced, etc. by Los Habaneros.

Liars of Local Interest - 14 Places
Full album download

Mother Kali - July 19th 2003
A local group that jammed for a time

DeWayn & Loco Macheen - Sep 22nd 2012
Reunion Show. A couple of local groups that existed for a short period of time in the early part of the 2000's.


2nd album - Smell the Love
Choad - "Smell the Love" - MP3 Page
Choad - "Smell the Love" - FLAC page

Their first album, "It's All Over Now" is available via CDBaby, iTunes, etc.

Jane's Addiction - 5-27-2009
Live at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City (NIN/JA tour)
(zipped) .iso format - standard (480p) DVD image.
Misc. sources including 1080p youtube clips for most video.

Disclaimer/notes for "NIN/JA" show:
Cameras & recording equipment were allowed at the Jane's Addiction / NIN ("NIN/JA" tour) show(s). The video here was sourced from various YouTube clips, notably, the user known as "chaonatic" (HD source) who has a ton of clips. Credit goes to "chaonatic" for most of the video, misc other people, and whoever was kind enough to record the audio. The DVD itself is compiled from various other people's efforts, and therefore deserves to be available.

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